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“Thank you so much for all of your help with the Vice Chief’s chair…the Admiral loves the chair.”
– Executive Assistant to the Vice Chief of Naval Operations

“Mike- thank you so much for everything. The chair is amazing…a perfect gift for out outgoing skipper. Thanks again.” 
– Navy aviation squadron officer

“Thanks so much for the chair, it was great and everyone appreciated the quick turnaround and craftsmanship.” 
– Executive Assistant, Office of the Secretary of Defense

“The Admiral got his chair and absolutely loved it! Thanks again.” 
– Navy admiral’s flag lieutenant

“Mike, I have received the chair, and without completely unpacking it (I just had to peek) can say it is beautiful. Thanks.” 
– AEGIS cruiser executive officer

“Thank you very much for the outstanding craftsmanship.” 
– Navy patrol squadron executive officer

“…thank you on behalf of everyone here for your personal attention to our order and the superb customer service you provide. Thank you again for the absolutely outstanding customer service.” 
– Navy carrier battle group flag lieutenant

“Mike, you are my hero.” 
– Navy aircraft carrier executive officer

“On behalf of all the officers of this command, I want to personally thank you for a very high-quality job.”
– Navy squadron officer

“Just received the chair in my office…man is that a good looking chair. Quality craftsmanship, awesome engraving, and you all have been such a professional outfit to work with.” 
– Marine Corps squadron executive officer

“The chair is absolutely magnificent and I’m sure the captain will cherish it for years to come.” 
– Navy ship executive officer

“I sincerely appreciate your assistance in procuring a gift for the commanding officer. Your support prevented a possibly embarrassing situation.” 
– Navy ship executive officer

“My old captain called Saturday night raving about the chair he just received. He couldn’t have been more pleased, so thank you…for the quality product.” 
– Navy ship executive officer

“Mike, the chair got here yesterday…it is absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with it- the workmanship and materials are superb and the engraving is perfect- a really handsome gift.” 
– Navy ship executive officer

“My sincere thanks to you for all your efforts in the design and production of the squadron’s gift to our departing commanding officer. The chair is absolutely brilliant in all respects and is easily one of the finest examples of superior craftsmanship I have seen in quite some time.” 
– Navy squadron executive officer

“The chair you provided for the admiral’s retirement was magnificent! He was most pleased and all who attended the presentation added their praise.”
– Navy admiral’s assistant

“I just received the chair last night. It looks awesome.” 
– Navy ship executive officer

“The chair arrived today and it looks great. Thanks for the expeditious handling. the admiral really liked it, so we will probably be sending another order in August.” 
– Navy admiral’s assistant

“I just want to give you my thanks for all your help and tell you that although I depart this command job, I know where I can get a special gift.” 
– U.S. Army general’s aide-de-camp

“Thank you for the hard work on the chair. It looks terrific! It has truly been a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to future opportunities to give someone else so fine a gift…” 
– Navy admiral’s assistant

“All I can say is WOW! You have done it again. Again…kudos…you done good. Thanks.” 
– US Marine Corps officer

“Again, many thanks. The chair is beautiful. Looking forward to doing business with you again.” 
– Executive officer, Navy shore command

“Mike, we got the chair today…it looks great! Thanks for the fantastic job.” 
– Marine battalion executive officer

“Opened the chair last night. Very nice. Matter of fact, I just handed your brochure to my incoming XO as a hint to keep it around for when my time comes” 
– Marine Corps squadron commander

“Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the speedy process of ordering the chair…it is a thing of beauty. Count on making one for me! Again, thanks for the outstanding service and quality workmanship your company provides.” 
– Navy ship executive officer

“We got the chair. It looks AWESOME! Thank you so very much.”
– Navy squadron executive officer

“THANK YOU! Chair was a HIT! CO loved it…nearly in tears when he opened the box. You the MAN! 
– Navy industrial support representative, Singapore

“Thanks for the chair. Our CO loved it! Very beautiful product. I will keep you in mind for future going away gifts. Again, thanks for everything.” 
– Navy frigate executive officer

“Yes, we received it. WOW! I must admit that this would not, initially, have been my choice for our CO’s farewell gift, but upon seeing it, I have to say I’m really impressed. The pictures on your website don’t do them justice at all. That is definitely a gorgeous piece of furniture. It was extremely pleasant doing business with you, Mike.” 
– Naval shore command executive officer

“Many thanks…the chair is here and it looks great! Wow, it’s really beautiful. The CO is sure gonna be happy when he gets it. Thank you for all your help on this, can’t thank you enough for the effort you made to get it over to us on time.” 
– Navy ship executive officer

“The chair arrived several days prior to the party, so I was happy. I was even more pleased when I took a peek at the chair. It was beautiful. The CO absolutely loved it, said it was the nicest present he’d ever received. Thanks again for all your help.”
– Junior officer at an NROTC unit

“I received my National War College chair last week-it looks spectacular. The design for the emblem looks super and the finish is top-notch.”
– War college faculty member

“The chair was presented on Saturday and he was absolutely stunned! Great job!” 
– Navy destroyer squadron staff officer

“Mike, great doing business with you again.”
– Navy squadron executive officer

“I got the chair today…it is incredible! Absolutely perfect! Thank you so much. I know it is exactly what the commodore had in mind when he first came in and said he wanted a chair.”
-Navy destroyer squadron staff officer

“I received the chair and it looks great! I know the skipper will be happy with it. Thanks again for your excellent service.” 
– Air Force squadron officer

“I received the chair!!! It looks absolutely beautiful. Thank you for providing such an excellent service.” 
– Navy wife

“Mike-thanks again for such a nice job on the chair! The outgoing CO was really touched.” 
– Navy shore command executive officer

“Mike-Another quality job! The chair was a big hit! The colonel placed it at the table and sat in it for the remainder of the conference. He loved it.” 
– State National Guard officer

“Mike- I want to tell you again how much I love the chair. It is exactly what I wanted to make my retirement and transition from the Navy. I was so pleased with the entire purchase process.” 
– Retiring naval officer

“The chair arrived today.  It looks great!!! Thank you very much for getting that done and getting it here on time. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who asks me for any suggestions in the nautical gift genre!”
– Navy shore command executive officer

“I received the chair the other day.  It looks great.  Thanks again for the prompt service.  Look forward to doing business with you in the future.”
– Navy fighter-attack squadron executive officer

“Thank you very much.  The gift was awesome.”
– U. S. Marine major.

“Mike, the chair arrived and looks fantastic… The folks in the squadron really like how it turned out.  I will let the other squadrons know about the quality and comms – thanks again for the suggestions and quick responses.”
– Navy aviation squadron executive officer

“Mike, you provided us the most striking gift anyone in the wardroom has ever seen.”
– Very happy ship’s XO

Thanks again for the great product.”
– Navy fighter-attack squadron officer

“The chair was a huge success. The craftsmanship was superb. The Col was surprised that we had gotten him such a great gift. I can honestly say that he did not expect it and he was very pleased. Your company made a great contribution to our saying farewell to one of our own who dedicated his life to the Marine Corps and the service of this country. Thank you for helping us thank him.”
– Marine major

“Thanks for the quick turn-around.  The chair was absolutely magnificent.”
– Fighter-attack squadron command master chief

“Absolutely  perfect!
– Shore station XO

The chairs arrived today and they are exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much for the effort. You and your team do top notch work.”
– Former AEGIS cruiser commanding officer

“Mike, The chair arrived safe and sound, and the Captain loved it.  I quote:   “I am humbled.”  Thank you for your great support of us!”
– ARLEIGH BURKE class DDG Department Head

“I was amazed that the chair arrived here so quickly and it looks awesome. Thanks for such a great job on it.” 
– TACRON Executive Officer

“Like always, the chair went over perfectly. Great job once again!” 
– Navy amphibious squadron chief staff officer

“Thanks (again!) The chair turned out great.”
– Navy helicopter squadron executive officer

“Mike- Thank you for all of your help in making this chair for my CO a reality. He really enjoyed it and it looks beautiful.” 
– FFG junior officer

“Thanks so much.  The chair arrived and I waited several days to open the box – finally opened it this past weekend.  I guess I was nervous about how it would look.  It is truly amazing.  The wood is so rich looking and the engraving is just fantastic.  My husband loves it, too, which is a great thing!” 
– Navy VAQ Squadron CO’s wife

“The chair is beautiful…thank you so much for being flexible.” 
– Navy ensign, ordering officer for an FFG

“Mike- thanks for the beautiful chair!” 
– ARLEIGH BURKE class DDG purchaser

“Six of the seven COs were in port to present the chair to the Commodore in his conference room. It was the day after his at-sea change of command. He had expected a couple of us to be there, so he was a bit surprised that six of us were standing around in the conference room. I had the chair strategically positioned at the head of the conference room table. As the Commodore went around the room to shake our hands, he actually pushed the chair aside a bit, not noticing it. I asked him if he wanted to take a seat, and that’s when he saw it…he was really overwhelmed and surprised – he said the chair was beautiful, perfect, and something he had always wanted! – Happy overseas DDG skipper

“Thanks, I’m a happy customer again. I very much appreciate your personal engagement and responsiveness in making this happen.” 
– Navy ship commanding officer

“Presented the chair tonight at hail and farewell, very well received.” 
– Navy ship executive officer

“…the chair arrived today and looks great!” 
– Navy shore command action officer

“Thank you so much for the chair; my husband loves it!” 
– Happy Navy wife

“Mike- Chair received, looks great…”
– Navy aviation wing commander’s action officer

“I got the lamp…it looks great!” 
– Naval Air Station action officer

“Got the lamp yesterday…looks great!” 
– Happy Navy wife

“You will not believe this, but it arrived on the COD the night before the Change of Command. We set it up in the Flag Mess during movie night. He loved it! Thank you again for the chair. It looked great!!” 
– Navy staff officer

“The Captain LOVED the chair… we gave it to him at his Hail & Farewell. Thank you for providing such a great product. I will be coming back to you next time around.” 
– Navy ensign tasked to buy the Old Man’s going-away present

Mike- Thanks very much for the chair. It goes well with my USS ……… chair. All the best! 
– Former AEGIS cruiser CO

“Mike- Thank you very much! The chair is awesome!” 
– Navy squadron action officer

“Mike- thanks for all your help setting this up. It has been great working with you.” 
– Navy wife

On behalf of the entire wardroom, thank you for your wonderful craftsmanship! Our departing CO will love his chair!” 
– Navy ship “action officer”

“Mike- Got the chair…looks great! Thank you for all your time and patience.”
– U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer

“Yes, the chair arrived! Looks GREAT! It has truly been a pleasure doing business with you.”
– Navy aviation squadron executive officer

“Mike – picked chair up in town on Saturday. It looks awesome! Thanks!!!”
– Navy major command action officer

“I wanted to let you know that the chair is great! My mother-in-law received it and brought it with her to our family vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina so we could all present it to my husband. He was completely surprised, and totally thrilled with his gift. It is even more impressive than your photo shows. Thank you for a job well done!”
– Military wife / chair purchaser

“Mike- chair arrived today. Awesome. Thanks, friend.”
– Navy fleet commander’s action officer

“Mike, Got the lamp. It looks great!”
– Navy shore establishment action officer

“Mike- the wardroom was very pleased with the quality and workmanship associated with you products and company. … I appreciate your help placing our order, your customer service, to receipt. I will be sure to recommend COMMAND PRESENTS in the future. Thanks again on behalf of the wardroom of the USS ……”
– Navy ship action officer

Mike- The chair came yesterday. All I can say is it is spectacularly beautiful! 
– Navy former DDG commanding officer

“Mike- I want to thank you for all your assistance during this process. It was such a pleasure working with you! I hope to bring you more business soon, but in the meantime, best of luck in your endeavors.” 
– Navy DDG action officer

“It is beautiful!! He loved it! And I love it too! Thank you!!!! “
– Happy Navy wife

“…we received the chair and it looks great!” 
– Navy shore station action officer

“I thank you again for all of your help and hard work, Mike, you are amazing….You guys are awesome…you have wonderfully surprised me.” 
– Destroyer squadron staff officer

“It’s been a real pleasure working with you…I look forward to doing it again.” 
– FFG ship’s officer

“Mike- He got the chair and he loves it! Thanks so much for everything and be looking for another order in the near future. It’s been a pleasure.” 
– Destroyer squadron staff action officer

“Many thanks again, the chair is awesome for sure; the CO will love it!” 
– NROTC unit action officer

“Mr. West– the chair arrived today and it’s BEAUTIFUL!! It is absolutely splendid. Thanks so much for making a true piece of art that will be cherished for many years to come. 
– Navy shore station action officer

“The chair has arrived and it looks great.” 
– Navy recruiting district customer

“…chair received yesterday evening – very nice, he will love it…” 
– Navy shore station action officer

” The gift is awesome. Makes me want one badly.” 
– Navy shore command XO

“Mike- Thank you again for making the experience of buying this chair a remarkable journey. I look forward to continuing our conversations.” 
– XO of large Navy amphibious carrier

“Thanks for the note. I did receive an e-mail from CAPT … a few days ago saying he had received the chair and he absolutely loves it. Thank you again for making such a great gift for CAPT …. I know he will cherish that chair for the rest of his life. You can count on that NOT being the last business you have from me… I have been eyeing your lamps on your web site for my desk.” 
– Commanding Officer of a “large-deck “US Navy amphibious ship

“Mike– I received the chair this week- earlier than expected and it is beautiful. Thank you.” 
– Happy Navy wife

“I just received the chair and it looks great! 
– Happy Navy F-18 pilot/chair buyer

“The chair is lovely; the CO loved it!” 
– AEGIS cruiser officer

“The chair arrived! It looks great!” 
– AEGIS cruiser officer

Mike- You guys are great, I really appreciate your help…
– Happy Navy AEGIS cruiser customer

Mike– The chair looks awesome…thanks!
– Happy large-deck amphibious transport officer

Mike- thank you for your help with ordering the arm chair for our XO.  We will spread the word for anyone that needs items from your website!
– Happy Navy shore station wife

The skipper loved his chair…he hand-carried it the 10 blocks from the party to his house when the party was done!
– Happy large-deck Navy amphibious ship officer

The chair arrived today.  It looks great! Thank you for your help and attention to detail.  Fly Navy!
– Happy Navy wife

The chair looks great…thanks!
– Happy Navy squadron customer

Just gave the chair to our Skipper yesterday and I have to say his face said it all. The chair looked amazing and I am sure VP-X will be ordering more.
– Happy Navy patrol squadron customer

The chair is beautiful!  I love the engraving it is very nicely done.   … will be pleased when he sees it in person.
– Happy Navy wife

We gave the Skipper the chair last week and he really loved it. Thanks for the quick turnaround and the quality product! Best regards.
– Navy ship’s officer

Mike, my son loved his chair and so do we. Many thanks for a great job!
– Proud father of a Navy patrol squadron commanding officer

“Just got a peak in the top of the box…looks fantastic!!!!!  Gorgeous!! Thank you so very much.  I know my husband will really enjoy it.”
– Very happy Air Force wife

He LOVED the sea chest!!!  Captain … said the Navy sea chest is by far the best gift he has ever received!  … he was touched beyond belief!  Thank you again for the wonderful/beautiful product you delivered…You made a retired captain very happy…
– Delighted civilian customer at an NJROTC unit

Mike, the chest looks great! Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys put in to get it to us on time!
– Happy young Coast Guard Officer

Thanks for all your help getting a great gift for my CO…I want one in 18 months!
– Navy aviation squadron executive officer

Thanks again for working with us on this and the Dean loved the chair when presented to him.  It was a perfect and fitting gift for his service.
– Happy customer at the Naval War College

Hi Mike—(The sea chest) looks beautiful!  Wow, so unique!  Thanks again- it looks awesome!
– Happy Sea Chest customer

Mike– Thank you so much, the chair came in on Tuesday! We will be presenting it to the Commodore today. It looks amazing, thank you again.
– Happy Navy Destroyer Squadron staff officer

Mike– He absolutely loved it! We had a joint “Hail and Farewell” for the Commodore as well as our IT1, so he was able to send off another sailor, present an award, and then in turn receive his plaque and great gift. He said that even though he is moving in a week, he couldn’t wait to get the chair out of the box and set it up in his house to see how it looked. Thank you again for your business and for your support. ComDesRon XX will always be grateful and will always keep you in mind for future gift ideas!
– A happy Navy fleet customer

Mike- I received the chest and it looks amazing.  I will be ordering one for myself soon. 
– Happy Sea Chest customer

Mike– I just opened (the sea chest) last night and will deliver to CO’s house today. It is awesome. I want one when I turn over in 18-20m. :) Thanks for a great job!
– Navy ship executive office

Thank you for the pictures.  They did get it (the sea chest) last night and you’re right – he loved it!! I appreciate your professionalism and will recommend your company to friends for their gifts in the future. Thank you.
– A happy sea chest customer

Mike—thank you…you’ve been great to work with.
– Happy war college chair customer

Mike…the chair arrived in perfect shape. What a beautiful piece! I couldn’t be happier! I have a picture of my youngest daughter, (who is 2 going on 22,) enjoying herself immensely as she rocks away in it. Have to find a way to get it from my phone to email, and I could share it with you.

Thanks again — turned out perfectly and I will enjoy it for many years to come, I am sure!

I will happily pass along to my peers what a fine product you make and recommend you to people as they look for that perfect gift to commemorate a moment in time.

And stand by for the order for the small sea chest!
– A happy senior naval aviator

My dear/almost life-long friends Terry, and Paul and Marcia had this chair custom made for me to celebrate my graduation from NDU with my master’s degree. This is a high-quality piece of furniture that is simply beautiful to take in, and the engraved school emblem (National Defense University) on the back is the “cherry on top” of the gift. I’m taking it to my office so I can enjoy it each day, and to remember not only what I went through at NDU, but as a reminder of Terry, Paul and Marcia and their support over the years.
– A happy war college chair recipient

(The sea chest) was worth the wait. Thank you so much for doing it.
– Happy Air Force customer

Hi Mike- (my son) truly loves the sea chest. Thank you so much for great job… Keep up the good work! Thank you!
– Happy Coast Guard mother/sea chest customer

Received the chair Thursday and it is beautiful! Thank you!
– Happy war college customer

I received the Table Top Ship today, my wife and I love it.  It was beautiful. I am sure my niece is going to love it.  I will let you know her reaction when I give it to her.   Thanks again.
– Happy uncle who bought his CO niece a Table Top ship

Mike, Yes! Got the (small name board) yesterday and it’s terrific!  Great quality. My only regret really is that I did not get the big one. I will save up. Thank you!
– Former Navy DDG Skipper

Mike… I love the chest and everyone who has seen it does too.  Thanks again for helping me acquire this great piece for my office.
– Happy Navy captain

Mike- You are a Rock Star…what else can I say?!  They were overwhelmed, Mike, honestly. I’m pretty sure my wife is going to be contacting you…she wants to get one for me from my command tour in 2015. Thanks…I’m telling you this really hit the mark.
– Another happy corporate customer (who bought two chairs)

Mike – Chair has arrived. Awesome. Very glad my wife gave me this great gift to remember my command tour.
– Happy Navy captain

Received the (sea) chest today, Mike.  Looks great.  Thanks for everything!
– Happy Navy captain

Mike— The sea chest arrived and you were correct….it is spectacular.  In fact, I am going to suggest that we give a chair or sea chest to every retiring officer from here on in.  You will be hearing from me again. Thanks so much.
– Happy yacht club officer

Received (the two personalized chairs)…absolutely beautiful.  Thank you so much turning these around and getting them here so quickly. The Owner and Founder of this company are both so giving to their employees and being able to give something back to them that they’ll have forever will mean a lot to them. THANK YOU!
– Happy corporate customer

Yes, (we received the chair)!  Thank you!  I actually just saw the chair out of the box yesterday! We will be repeat customers!  Thanks again for making it happen so quickly!
– Happy corporate customer

Mike- I got the sea chest yesterday and it is stunning – simply a beautiful piece of artwork/furniture! Thank you for the great work on it, quick turn, and especially great patience with the changing client. I am very happy with the product and I am sure the admiral will be as well.
– Happy Navy Pentagon customer

Mike, just received the chair today, great job. Everything I wanted is on there, nice details. Thank you.
– Happy customer on large Navy amphibious ship

Hey Mike– The chest arrived and it looks awesome!   Beautiful finish, great detail!
– Happy Navy shore duty customer

The chest was an amazing hit—now everyone wants one!
– Happy Navy destroyer squadron staff officer

Hello Mike! I received the coasters today.  They are awesome!  I was so surprised that they were here already on the day of the change of command!  Greg loved them.  I gave a set to our XO and his wife and they loved them.  Thank you for the great quality and timeliness of our order!!!!! I look forward to ordering our chair in the future! Take care!!!
– Happy Navy wife

I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have you make my brother’s gift for his retirement. Having another Navy retiree makes it even more special. I’ll send you a picture of him with his beautiful new chair!
– Happy sister of Navy chair recipient

I wanted to report back that the captain loved the chair! Thank you for working with us and providing great service and craftsmanship.
– Happy Navy AEGIS cruiser customer

Mike – I wanted to let you know that I received the Small Sea Chest last night, in plenty of time for the Change of Command ceremony next Monday morning. It’s incredible. Perfect. Just what I was looking for — and I’m a tough guy to please. Thank you for the full court press to get it here on time. I know the recipient will cherish it forever. I’ve attached a few photos. I may order one for myself.
– Elated US Coast Guard customer

Mike- The detail in the chest is absolutely amazing and something that I will cherish for years to come. Thank you so much for your time and effort into this truly one-of-a-kind gift.
– Navy former commanding officer/sea chest recipient

I opened the chair last night and it was PERFECT!
– Happy Navy shore duty customer

(The sea chest) arrived Wednesday afternoon, Change of Command was Friday morning, and we had one happy former Skipper. Thanks for the rush, and it does look great! We’ll definitely pass your name around for other commands!
– Happy Navy patrol plane squadron customer

It (the sea chest) is awesome. You may be making one for me before too long…Thanks again!
– Happy naval aviator

Sir, I got the chest. What an AMAZING product. This is literally a “must have” for any military member. I can’t stress enough how honored I am to have it and thank you for the great communication and service.
– Happy young naval officer

Mike– Thanks again for the great customer service. You guys are a “above and beyond” company!
– Happy Navy diver

Mike- Just opened the (sea chest) shipping container. WOW.
– Happy Navy sea chest customer

The chair was a hit at the presentation!
– Happy customer at a major Defense Department Agency

Hi Mike- The chest arrived! It’s absolutely beautiful!! My husband was speechless…. He loves it! God Bless You!!
– VERY happy wife/customer

Commander—(The sea chest) was great; I loved it. He gets back from sea this week and will be home soon to open it. Thanks again…
– Happy civilian customer

Mike– received the chest over the weekend it is amazing and beautiful; well done to you and the team!
– Happy Navy shore duty customer

Thanks for the quick work; the coasters are beautiful!
– Happy Air Force customer

Mike- We presented the sea chest on Saturday…he loved it. Thanks again for the phenomenal work!
– Happy Navy shore duty customer

– Country club manager, referring to the chair he ordered from us

Beautiful work! Thank you Mike!  The logo is especially great workmanship.
– Happy customer, writing about her large sea chest

Mike- Been out of pocket last week and finally got to take a look at the chair this past weekend. Very nicely done…thanks! Guess I’ll be ordering one for me soon.
– Happy defense agency customer

Mike- We received the lamp…it’s wonderful. Thank you!
– Happy Navy shore duty customer

Mike — I had duty on the day of the Farewell so unfortunately did not get to see the chair in person. However, it received many compliments from the officers present and the captain really likes it. Thank you for making this happen so quickly and putting out a quality product. I will be passing down your company’s information to the next Bull for future change of command presents.
– Happy Navy destroyer customer

Mike – got it! (the chair.) She’s a beauty!!! Thanks much and all the best.
– Happy Navy admiral

The chair was delivered to my home yesterday and is beautiful!!
– Happy Navy admiral’s wife

Mike– The table top ship looked great! Thank you so much for the rapid turn-around.
– Happy Navy destroyer XO

The present was very well received Mike. Thanks so much. It turned out perfectly.
– Happy Navy aviation squadron commanding officer

Mike– The chest is absolutely beautiful!  Exceeds expectations!
– Happy NOAA customer

Sir– I’m sorry for not getting back to you. Funny story, literally 4 minutes before I left for the going away party, the FEDex guy delivered the package and everything worked out perfectly. The chest was absolutely marvelous in every way and my Chief was extremely pleased, as were we all, with the craftsmanship and how beautifully made the box turned out to be. Thank you so much doing such a great job! I will definitely use you and your company again for future gifts!
– Happy Navy Sailor

Hi Mike–   Keith absolutely LOVED the chair. We appreciate the quick service and personalization.
– Happy retired Marine customer

Mike– Got the sea chest. It’s beautiful. Thank you again.
– Happy Navy Corpsman

Mike—Thank you so very much for your assistance with the chair. I know how difficult it is on such short notice. You did an awesome job with the logo. We are so very grateful for your assistance.
– Happy Navy shore command customer

Mike– All I can say is WOW!  I received your incredibly generous retirement gift on my front doorstep yesterday evening.  I have never received anything so meaningful.  Sue and I were absolutely speechless.
– Retiring Navy captain who worked for me when he was a lieutenant

The chair is awesome – thank you so very much.
– Happy Navy shore duty customer

Mike — The retirement sea chest you made Kim looks amazing. Thank you again for creating an heirloom her family will cherish for generations.
– Happy Navy shore duty customer

Mike- We presented it to Skipper last night at an informal ceremony and he was thrilled with the gift. It really looks fantastic! Thanks for all the work with this.
– Happy naval aviator

Soo fantastic!! My father is going to love the mats!
– Happy car floor mat customer

Hi Mr. West–   The chair came a few days ago and I just couldn’t wait to open it.  My son came over and we opened it together.  It is wonderful, so much more than I anticipated.  Thank you! Again, many thanks.
– Happy Navy mother

He loved them! Thanks, Mike!
– Happy daughter who bought personalized car mats for her WWII veteran father

I just got the chest today… It is gorgeous, thank you so much for working with me!
– Happy new sea chest owner

Mike– The chair was an enormous success.  I am so happy I thought of it for him.  The brothers and sisters, two each, were in awe, and wondered how I ever thought of this.
– Very happy Navy mother/customer

Yes! (We received the two sets of coasters.)  Thank you so much.  They are fantastic.   He’s going to love them.
– Happy sister of a Navy pilot

You have a very happy customer… Thank you!
– Aunt of Navy ship skipper who bought a Table Top Ship for her nephew

Hey Mike– Yes it (the chair) arrived on Thursday. It looks great. We now have two of your chairs in the entry hall and a third in the study.  He loves them all.
– Happy Navy wife

He absolutely loved it! He loved it!
– Navy sea chest customer

Mike, just received the chest and couldn’t be any more satisfied with it. Thanks for everything.
– Happy Navy sea chest customer

Amazing. I’ve never owned a custom built piece of fine furniture. My wife gave the thumbs up for it to sit at the foot of the bed (my original intent). Of course, it looks so good, the rest of the furniture will need to be upgraded:)
– Happy Coast Guard owner of a large sea chest

Wow the chest looks AMAZING!  Thank you Mike it is definitely going to be a family heirloom and I’m thrilled with how well it came out.
– Happy Navy master chief petty officer sea chest owner

I can’t remember if I told you how wonderful that sea chest is! I could not have asked for anything better! Everyone who sees it just raves about it. It should be a big hit at the retirement ceremony.
– Very happy Navy diver customer

Mike– Chair looks great in my office! Nice work!
– Happy Navy shore duty customer

Mike– The chest was beautiful and arrived in time for the ceremony. Thank you, for the dedication and craftsmanship.
– Happy retiring Navy captain

Coasters look great. Thank you. My guess is more of the squadron will reach out to once they see them.  
Happy Air Force laser-engraved coaster customer

Your chest was a hit. Thank you so much to you and your organization for the beautiful craftsmanship. I will recommend this company to all future retirees I run across. Thank you again.
– Happy Coast Guard pilot in California

I got the chair yesterday. It is beautiful. I cannot thank you enough.
– Thank you note from the Navy admiral that got a chair to the Navy admiral who ordered it for him.

Mike – Picked them (the coasters) up today.  They look great.  Thanks!
– Happy Air Force engraved coaster customer

My brother really liked the Table Top Ship. Thank you for sending such a great piece! I will recommend you and your services without hesitation!
– Happy Table Top Ship customer

All I can say is WOW…it looks amazing! I’m so happy this worked out and I know my CO will be happy to receive this gift during his change of command. I’ll definitely be sure to use your business again if I have another project. Thank you again!
– Happy Coast Guard Cutter executive officer

The chair arrived today and I cannot properly describe what a wonderful surprise it was for me! It was promptly placed in front of the fireplace in the den–certainly a place of honor in our house and a perfect location as a conversation piece. This is the best news of all–Becky loves it as much as I do!

My sincere thanks to you and the rest of the superstars in the Helicopter Flag Community for this wonderful and thoughtful gift. My only hope is that all of you can visit us some day and enjoy a cold, refreshing adult beverage while sitting in MY chair! Again, thanks to all of you!
– Happy Navy admiral who received a chair, to the Navy admiral who got it for him.

Mike- First chair arrived and looks great!  Looking forward to the other two.
– Happy Air Force customer who bought THREE chairs for himself!

All is well, ceremony went great. Thanks for all your help making it (the sea chest) a success. I’ll be sure to recommend COMMAND PRESENTS whenever the opportunity presents itself!
– Happy Coast Guard customer

Second of three chairs arrived today.  It looks great!
– Happy Air Force customer who ordered three of our chairs

Three of Three Chairs…all great!  Thanks!!!!!
– The same Air Force officer as immediately above, after he got his third chair!

Mike—Thank you for the coasters! They are beautiful. Great work, as always.
– Happy Navy coaster/chair customer.

The chair arrived yesterday…it looks great!
– A happy Navy shore duty customer

Mike– Received my sea chest on Saturday, very impressed with the workmanship, quality product, ribbon/medal display fit perfectly in the drawer. Well done, thank you!
– Happy Coast Guard customer

Good Morning Mike– Received the chest yesterday… it’s beautiful! I will make sure my friends at the Air Station see it!
– Happy Coast Guard aviator

The chest is great!
– Happy sea chest customer

Mike– I wanted to drop a note and let you know how great the chest turned out.   It exceeded my expectations.  Thanks for taking the time to send the tray separately, the shadow box turned out great and makes the chest that much nicer.  The flag triangle was perfect.  Attached are some pics of the final product.  From design through delivery I couldn’t be happier with the service.
– Happy Navy sea chest owner

The chest is fantastic; I cannot thank you enough for working with me to make a chest that holds all of the submarine caches I have collected.
– Happy Navy captain

The chair arrived on Monday … it looks great.
– Happy yacht club customer

Wow!!! It (his sea chest) looks amazing. I’m very impressed.
– Happy US Coast Guard sea chest customer

Received the chest and the XO is very pleased with the results! Thank you very much for helping me out! A happy XO makes for a happy JO!
– Happy Navy submarine junior officer

I received the sea chest yesterday afternoon. Thank you so very much to you and your guys on an expedited project!!! I know she will treasure this forever.
– Happy Marine Gunnery Sergeant

The commander loves his sea chest and was very impressed with the craftsmanship!
– Happy Coast Guard sea chest customer

Mike: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. This was more than I had ever imagined it would be. The photos on the web page don’t do your finished product justice. I am so incredibly happy with this thing I can’t find the right words to express how much it means to me to have this in my hands. Your attention to detail and focus on meeting my wants and needs went far beyond anything I ever expected. I can’t be happier with it. I now have a treasure chest in which to fill with the memories of a very special father and Sailor in my life known to me as Dad. You are the man. Rest assured that when Chief … gets closer to her retirement there will be another one being ordered for her and one for me as well when my retirement time arrives in a few short years. In the meant time if you ever need a reference please feel free to send them my way.

My best to you and yours.

God Bless.
– VERY happy sea chest customer

Got the embroidered emblem, exceeds expectations! Thank you.
– Happy Navy submarine officer

Greetings from Sunny San Diego, Mike!

Sorry I had not yet responded — the chests are in place and I feel like they have been a part of the family for years already!

Absolutely beautiful work — I am so glad I got both a large and a small Sea Chest.  The large chest will be the perfect resting place for my USN uniforms, and the photo I had carved in the front of the chest is spectacular.  Admiral Nimitz himself would be proud to see his namesake ship immortalized in such a way.  The small Sea Chest is perfect for storing ribbons and medals below, and I use the upper storage area now daily.  I am sure they are both destined to become prized family heirlooms.

The shipping was top notch!  Wooden crates and Styrofoam made sure the journey was smooth sailing, and both pieces arrived in excellent condition.

Happy to cash your check for a refund on shipping fees, but after delivery of these fine pieces of art, I feel like I owe you much more than the price you charged.

Thanks again for taking care of my order — you run a first rate business and I will happily recommend you to all my soon to retire friends.

Take care Mike!
– Extremely happy Navy captain

Love it,………………great workmanship.  I am very pleased… !!
– Happy Navy mom, speaking of her son’s sea chest

Mike, we held the ceremony yesterday. The sea chest was beautiful, and stole the show. The number of folks who came up to inspect it and “ooh and ah” was notable. Thanks so much for your craftsmanship and support, you really made a shipmate’s day.
– Happy retired Navy captain

Hi Mike, I received a message from him yesterday saying he loved it and can’t wait to display it in his office.  I asked him to send me a pic.  Thanks so much!  I nailed the Christmas gift with your craftsmanship.
– Happy Table Top Ship customer

Oh my Gosh! It’s so beautiful! The craftsmanship is astounding! My thanks to the men that put their heart and skills in making this family heirloom we will all cherish forever! It is craftsmanship excellence. To the craftsman that carved the front, just amazing! I can’t wait until it arrives!
– Happy sea chest customer

Mr. West, thanks for the follow up, the Captain absolutely loved it. Thanks for the awesome customer service and the great work. We’ll be back with you for the next one.
– Happy Navy shipboard customer

The chair arrived. Thank you. Beautiful.
– Happy Navy chair customer

Good morning!  We received the package yesterday and couldn’t love it more!  My boyfriend was speechless and stared at it in awe!  Excellent craftsmanship!  Thank you so much for being part of his retirement! 
– Happy sea chest customer

Mike– Received the chair today. That was an impressive turnaround, you really took care of us and I greatly appreciate it. I know the Skipper will love it!
– Happy naval aviator

Thank you very much Mike! The chest is absolutely beautiful!
– Happy sea chest customer

Mike– The chair is fabulous.  She will be thrilled. 
– Happy college administrator customer.

Omg!!!! That’s amazing!!! It’s beautiful!!!!!! Thank you!!!
– Happy sea chest customer

I LOVE IT!! (And so does my wife.)
– Happy chair customer

Thank you so much for the beautiful work and the quick turn around! I can’t say enough about the workmanship of the chest and how beautiful it turned out. It will be an heirloom for many generations to come and a conversation starter as well!
– Happy sea chest customer

The sea chest arrived yesterday as scheduled: It is just fantastic — better than I imagined. Thank you for your guidance and timely updates.
– Happy Navy senior chief petty officer

Michael– John’s chair arrived! We love it. We posted it on Facebook!
– Happy Army wife

They (the plaques) are in my hands…and they’re magnificent.  Thank you sir.
– Navy ship commanding officer

He just delivered it to us this afternoon.  It is beautiful!!  We will present on May 24!
– Happy hospital administrator chair customer

Mike- I just wanted to say thank you for your time and effort in the gift we received. The plaque will be a wonderful gift to give to our departing CO and it was so beautifully done. The wardroom is highly impressed.

I will definitely remember your craft in my future commands, if such occasions should arise and I will let other folks know about the great service you provide.

Thank you very much.
– Happy Navy shipboard officer

Mike– WOW! Received the chest … great work, really nice. Thanks again for the great service!
– Happy Air Force sea chest customer

I’m SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– Happy US Marine sea chest customer

Just letting you know we got the chest and Tiny loves it. Thank you again.
– Happy shore command customer

I absolutely love it!!!!!! Perfect! He will get it at his retirement ceremony!
– Happy Navy wife sea chest customer

It looks beautiful. Seriously. Amazing. Thank you sooooo much!
– Happy civilian chair customer

Stunning!!  We love it mike.  I suspect u will hear from many other military spouses after the “reveal.”
– Happy Air Force wife, speaking of the sea chest she bought for her husband

Mike!  The chest was a Huge, HUGE hit!  Poppa is thrilled with it.  I’ll forward pictures as soon as we’ve downloaded them so you can witness his gratitude.  Ty ty ty so very much. The unveiling was at his retirement celebration…  the gentlemen and ladies in attendance will surely be calling you.
– Happy Air Force wife

It (the sea chest) arrived today. It is infreaking-credible!!! The detail is absolutely amazing! Thank you very much!!!
– A VERY happy US Coast Guard sea chest customer

The coasters looked beautiful.  Everyone was very impressed with the quality. Good job!
– Happy Navy mom

The chair is amazing…my husband loves it!
– Happy Navy wife

Everyone loved it. “Very cool” he said. Thanks for a great gift and a great way to remember his service on the Alabama.
– Happy Navy mom who bought a Table Top Ship for her sub-skipper son

Hello Mike.  The chair looks really nice!  Thanks again for all your help!
– Happy hospital administrator

Our event was for Dr. … was last Wednesday…and as always, the chair was very well received.  Dr. … is a big fan of your craftsmanship!  He was so happy to have one to finally call his own.  Thank you!!!!!
– Happy hospital administrator

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