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Personalized Sea Chests from COMMAND PRESENTS

Thank you for your interest in a personalized, hand-made and hand-carved sea chest from COMMAND PRESENTS! These chests are magnificent and are unlike anything we’ve ever seen. They are spectacular! Your chest will instantly become a family heirloom that you and your entire family will treasure for years to come!

General Information

  • All chests are individually hand-made to order and hand-carved by our extremely talented craftsmen.
  • The standard chests are made of cedar; Honduran mahogany is available for a few dollars more.
  • Because each chest is hand-made and hand-carved, please allow at least ten weeks for delivery. This production time cannot be reduced so please plan accordingly.
  • Because each chest is hand-made to your special order, we can adorn them with essentially any design or combination of designs you want: we can carve your design(s) on the top, the front, the back or all three.
  • We can adorn the bottom of the front skirt with a beautiful three panel ribbon that can contain text in each of the three sections. The three-panel ribbon on the front of the chest can display service dates and abbreviated rank plus name, or other text of your choosing.
  • The ‘interior tray’ option is a removable tray that fits into the chest opening, which you can convert to a shadow box by adding glazing and felt lining.

Large Sea Chests

Measure 42” wide, 19” high, 20.5” deep

Plain Chest$470.00
12” design on top (such as a Navy command crest, squadron patch or command-at-sea badge)$60.00
Engraved text on the top or front$20.00 per line
Large ship image on the vertical front$180.00
Banner with text$30.00
Interior box for all those “sea goodies”$30.00
Stars in the corners of the top and/or the front$5.00 ea
Shipping to CONUS addresses (cost varies with destination)$150.00 – 170.00

Smaller Sea Chests

Measure 21” wide, 14” high, 11.5” deep

Plain Chest$250.00
6” design on top$30.00
Engraved text on the top or front$20.00 per line
Ship image on the vertical chest front$60.00
Banner with text$30.00
Interior tray for all those “sea goodies”$25.00
Stars in the corners of the top and/or the front$5.00 ea
Shipping to CONUS addresses (cost varies with destination)$40 - $52.00

Please note:  As you can see, there are many permutations and combinations of design features for a sea chest. Instead of trying to address every possible one here, just give us a call and we’ll work out the order together.

Ordering Process

Ordering is easy! Just give us a call or send us an email with what you want. We will work up the design(s) and send it/them to you for approval (we must have customer approval of all designs prior to beginning production on a chest.) We of course will also be able to quote the final price, including shipping, when the order is finalized.


Because of the personalized nature of the chests, we must receive payment prior to initiating production of your chest. Once you approve your order, we will request payment in full, by check or money order, to:

239 Portside Avenue
Ponte Vedra, FL 32081-1011

Special Art Work

If you have a special design you would like for us to carve on the chest for you that we don’t already have on file, several options exist: you can send us a paper image to work from (like a decal or line drawing) or you can send us the art electronically. If you choose the latter, please send as a .jpg or .bmp file. If we are carving a ship for you, a full side view is preferable. Black and white or color are both acceptable. Please send to

Our Guarantee

We at COMMAND PRESENTS guarantee that every product will be produced as ordered; if it is not we will of course make it right at no cost to you.

To order call us at 301-312-5360.

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